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I got hitched!

21 May

So I took a little hiatus from the blog to really focus on planning my own wedding, and boy can I tell you that it was incredibly stressful! It is nothing like planning an event for another happy couple, and I can personally tell you that I will not be doing a fancy vow renewal like all the celebs.

Back to the wedding…….

Me and the Hubs 😉 live in California, but come from Florida. So the entire wedding had to be planned from across the country. I attempted to hire a wedding planner to help with all of the details, but being a crazy for details I decided to plan the entire wedding myself. We decided to go with the shabby chic theme with colors of blush pink and steel grey. I wanted the atmosphere to be very intimate, and I wanted the ceremony to be the main focus of the day.

The planning process took a little over a year, but all in all the day came out to exactly what I wanted. What’s more exciting is that the wedding pictures are already back and I have the link to show you all 😀

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Number of Guest: 120 people

Venue: The Addison

Dress: Vera Wang

Shoes: Nine West, I personalized them with crystals (I will post about that later)

Decor: Mostly from Etsy.com or handmade



Hay Ride Wedding

8 Oct

Seating for your guest can get pretty expensive, especially when you are having a lot of guest. There are several factors that go into deciding how many chairs to get or how to arrange them. However, I have come across a great alternative that looks great and is very flattering to your pocket book.


I’m so in love with this idea, I couldn’t wait to share it. Courtesy of: Green Wedding Shoes


DIY Cookie Favors

19 Aug

Today I found these cute cookie favors. They are very simple and extremely budget conscious. All you need is a great cookie recipe, paper stock, and ribbon or string. Make it personal with a little message attached and choosing colors that go with your wedding.

This would even be a cute idea if you had the bride and grooms favorite cookies, and in the inside have a little fact about the happy couple for your guest to read!

Courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Double Bubble Favors

16 Aug

These cute double bubble slot machines would be great as wedding favors or even as a part of your candy bar.

Get them at: All for your wedding

Photograph of Your Dress

15 Aug

I found this really fun picture idea to take of your wedding dress.

The hangers can be found on Esty.com

Wedding Tree

10 Aug

We have all heard of family trees, but what about wedding trees? Print or paint a picture of a tree, get different shades of green ink pads, and start your wedding tree.

This is a great way for the bride and grooms family to feel like one and it looks great in a frame for memories.

Courtesy of : The Sweet Occasion

Fabric Flowers

8 Aug

So I really want to get into making bridal hair accessories. So I looked up some tutorials and headed to the nearest fabric store and started to make my own works of art!

Here is the first prototype:

For the second flower I used chiffon and tulle

The picture gives it no justice!

Im going to experiment with new fabrics and colors for the next few and start to make

belts and necklaces, hopefully I will have a site up soon to sell them

buzzing with many great ideas, can’t wait to share them!

-Natisha D.

Dollar Store Wedding?

8 Aug

I read this fabulous article about a bride that threw her wedding with majority of her decor from get this, the Dollar Store!

When you are tight on money your creativity really does shine through.

Here are a few tips from: How to Have a Dollar Store Wedding

  • Buy pattern lanterns and use butterflies, flowers, or even paint them to give your lanterns a personal touch

  • Make sure to budget out what items are the most important to you, like your dress or the photographer
  • Getting inspiration from wedding blogs or magazines can be helpful when going into the jungle of items at the dollar store, go in with pictures and really try to be creative
  • An ex. would be to put wine glasses upside down as a centerpiece, with a flower inside of the glass and a candle on the top

  • There is no need for big lavish fresh flower anymore, make your own from tissue or construction paper, there are several tutorials for that

  • Why spend a few hundred on a cake? Dessert bars have become more modern, but if you still want cake then go to your local baker and just buy sheet cakes that can be cut from the back to serve to your guest

Courtesy of: How to Have a Dollar Store Wedding