How to Have a Green Wedding?

12 Aug

Want to have a green eco-friendly wedding but don’t know how?

Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Use recycled card stock to print out your invitations
  • Better yet, send out your invitations electronically. Saves money and its good for the earth

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Gift Registry

  • Send out your gift registry via email, most places will have your items online for your guests to view
  • Ask guests to donate money to your favorite charity if you don’t need the gifts

Photo Courtesy of: Design Sponge


  • With flowers you are in luck, it is becoming more popular to not even have fresh flowers. Use flowers made from fabric, paper, or even a cluster of brooches for a bouquet. If your heart is set on using fresh flowers, then use ones locally grown in pots and plant them after the ceremony. Put that green thumb to use!

The Dress

  • Buy a hand-me down or used wedding gown, there are several sites, such as Oncewed that sell used wedding gowns.
  • Want a new dress then buy one made with certified organic cotton

Courtesy of: Bravo Bride


  • Using a heirloom or recycled ring is the most environmentally conscious, however want something new and sparkly then go for something silver rather than gold, which is very harsh on the earth to find.

Courtesy of: Green Karat


  • Serve your guest healthy and fresh organic food and wine
  • Locally produce from your nearest farmers market is a great start


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