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DIY Cookie Favors

19 Aug

Today I found these cute cookie favors. They are very simple and extremely budget conscious. All you need is a great cookie recipe, paper stock, and ribbon or string. Make it personal with a little message attached and choosing colors that go with your wedding.

This would even be a cute idea if you had the bride and grooms favorite cookies, and in the inside have a little fact about the happy couple for your guest to read!

Courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Double Bubble Favors

16 Aug

These cute double bubble slot machines would be great as wedding favors or even as a part of your candy bar.

Get them at: All for your wedding

Wedding Cake Designs

15 Aug

The other night I was watching TLC and one of the million cake shows was on. Well, I realized that one of cakes that I just loved was located in CA. so I looked them up. The bakery is called Sweet & Saucy Shop and their cakes are just too cuteThis was the one from the show 🙂

My Favorite!

New Idea Sprouting

15 Aug

I was thinking of starting to make these necklaces along with the flowers. Maybe even add a small flower to the necklace.

Photograph of Your Dress

15 Aug

I found this really fun picture idea to take of your wedding dress.

The hangers can be found on

How to Have a Green Wedding?

12 Aug

Want to have a green eco-friendly wedding but don’t know how?

Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Use recycled card stock to print out your invitations
  • Better yet, send out your invitations electronically. Saves money and its good for the earth

Photo Courtesy of:

Gift Registry

  • Send out your gift registry via email, most places will have your items online for your guests to view
  • Ask guests to donate money to your favorite charity if you don’t need the gifts

Photo Courtesy of: Design Sponge


  • With flowers you are in luck, it is becoming more popular to not even have fresh flowers. Use flowers made from fabric, paper, or even a cluster of brooches for a bouquet. If your heart is set on using fresh flowers, then use ones locally grown in pots and plant them after the ceremony. Put that green thumb to use!

The Dress

  • Buy a hand-me down or used wedding gown, there are several sites, such as Oncewed that sell used wedding gowns.
  • Want a new dress then buy one made with certified organic cotton

Courtesy of: Bravo Bride


  • Using a heirloom or recycled ring is the most environmentally conscious, however want something new and sparkly then go for something silver rather than gold, which is very harsh on the earth to find.

Courtesy of: Green Karat


  • Serve your guest healthy and fresh organic food and wine
  • Locally produce from your nearest farmers market is a great start

Edible Favors

11 Aug

When it comes to wedding favors its hard to decided what to give. A bride and groom wants it to be a nice remembrance of their big special day, but lets get real what do you think your 100+ guests really did with those engraved candles?

These few favors are sure to cure any sweet tooth, and their cute too!

Photo Courtesy of: Blog

Edible favors are extremely personal, because it reflects the couples favorite sweets, and they wont go to waste which is the best part.

-Natisha D.

Wedding Tree

10 Aug

We have all heard of family trees, but what about wedding trees? Print or paint a picture of a tree, get different shades of green ink pads, and start your wedding tree.

This is a great way for the bride and grooms family to feel like one and it looks great in a frame for memories.

Courtesy of : The Sweet Occasion

First Wedding

8 Aug

So in my welcome post I let you all know that I want to be an event planner. Well, I am officially planning my first wedding! I am so nervous, but I am positive it will work out. So details:

  • Day of Coordinator service
  • 250 guests
  • Venue in San Francisco
  • I have to get the bartenders, servers, and baker
  • Also I am going to be doing the favors

One of the ideas that I had for a great favor was cake pops!

I hadn’t heard of them before until recently, and let me tell you they taste great and are super cute.

So I found a great site called Bakerella and they had the recipe for the cake pops.

Courtesy of: Bakerella

Fabric Flowers

8 Aug

So I really want to get into making bridal hair accessories. So I looked up some tutorials and headed to the nearest fabric store and started to make my own works of art!

Here is the first prototype:

For the second flower I used chiffon and tulle

The picture gives it no justice!

Im going to experiment with new fabrics and colors for the next few and start to make

belts and necklaces, hopefully I will have a site up soon to sell them

buzzing with many great ideas, can’t wait to share them!

-Natisha D.